Sesame Seeds in a disposable plastic box - 250g

Sesame Seeds in a disposable plastic box - 250g

SKU: ONL0002

sesame seeds have a surprisingly wide range of uses in both savoury and sweet dishes. They have a nutty flavour and aroma that’s slightly sweet, and which is enhanced by toasting.

As a condiment, toasted sesame seeds are terrific sprinkled onto stir-fries, salads, soups and sushi.

Also a perfect addition when baking bread, rolls or cookies.


  • High in fibre
  • Plant protein (5g of protein per 3 tbsp)
  • Good source of B vitamins including Thiamine (great for vegans)


Great plastic and RECYCLABLE packaging. Once opened, can be closed tight again, what helps to keep seeds fresh and dry.

  • Ingredients

    Sesame seeds

  • Allergy Information

    Contains sesame

  • Storage

    Store away from direct sunlight, in a cool and dry place.